Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Advice on Where to stay in Phuket

Advice on Where to stay in Phuket
The most popular place in Phuket is Patong and here there is literally thousands of hotels, resorts and guest houses to choose from all kinds of budget ranges. You can stay in cheap guest houses, right up to luxury beachfront 5 star resorts that are of the highest quality.

If you mention the name 'Phuket' to pretty much anyone they'll conjure up vistas of an azure sea lapping up on white-sand beaches under colbalt-blue skies. Patong, Kata and Karon Beaches are the most popular. A lot of hotels, bungalow, resorts, restaurants and all facilities you need. As a result, a lot of tourists as well. However Kata-Karon seem to offer more natural surounding. So, I recommend this one. The easy access will save you precious holiday time but perhaps even more important is that you can avoid paying the ever-increasing taxi and tuk tuk charges which over a week or more can add up to quite a sum. Of course there are luxury and boutique accommodations elsewhere in Phuket, but for those looking to book accommodation in the most populated areas, it can be confusing as to which area one should pick. Each of the three areas are catered toward a different market, and each offer something different.

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